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Fadhwa Yusuf

Founder of The Gems Of Life
Media Personality, Transformational Speaker Coach and A Perception

As a transformational speaker, life coach, I'm passionately driven to help individuals expose and unmask their truth, heal and be at peace with their past.
Through the healing process, individuals will reconnect to their inner essence, calling and mission. uncover their true potential, and take ownership of their lives and stand in their truth.

I had to go through the process of unmasking,layers upon layers of painful past wounds, and exposing unhealed scars, revealing the old beliefs, environmental, societal, intergenerational systems and influence.
I have gone through the pain, hurt, failures, disappointments and shed lots of tears, it's through the process I was able to unveil and discover my own truth that led me to discovering ME.
My passion and purpose is to do just that, help you umask your truth, heal
your past pain, stand in your truth, reconnect to your essence, take ownership of you and your life.
I’m your Transformational Speaker Coach, How can I best serve you today?

“We are more powerful and impactful when we own and stand in our truth’
Fadhwa Yusuf
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