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Unmask layers of painful wounds, expose unhealed scars, reveal old beliefs and reconnect to your authentic self.

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'There is a possibility you are not who you think you are. There is more to you than you have realized, there is life you have not created yet, there are experiences you have not experienced yet, there is a life you have not lived yet. What are you creating today?'
***Fadhwa Yusuf***

The Compassionate Witness

My Approach

It’s the process of tapping into the body you will be witnessing the emotions and beliefs of the wounded child self in a compassionate safe non judgmental space. We will explore stored memories that may be preverbal, unpack suppressed emotions, and limiting beliefs that are holding you hostage. Using verbal and therapeutic compassionate witness techniques, you will uncover hidden unprocessed wounds.

My Intention

My intention during the process is to create a safe space that creates room to reconnect to your essence and authentic self.

My Mission

My mission is to ignite the spark within individuals, empowering them to step into their own radiant light, to reclaim their inner power, and courageously show up as their truest versions. I passionately believe that within each person lies a unique gem of untapped potential and authenticity, waiting to be unearthed and transformed. Through unwavering guidance, I work with individuals to master their lives, rewrite their stories, and embrace their hidden gems, radiating their magnificence with a purpose that resonates deeply, abundance that overflows, and an unwavering sense of genuine joy and inner peace. With a commitment to positive change and personal growth, I am dedicated to helping individuals discover their brilliance, navigate their transformative journey, and live a life that aligns with their deepest desires.

About Fadhwa

Fadhwa Yusuf
Founder of The Gems Of Life
Media personality, Transformational Speaker/Life Coach
As a transformational life coach, I’m passionately driven in helping individuals through the transformational healing process, discover their true potential, unmask their truth, find healing and peace with their past.
I had to go through the process of unmasking, layers upon layers of painful past wounds, exposing my unhealed scars, and revealing the trapped and stored beliefs.
It’s through the process I was able to unveil and discover my own truth, that led me to re-discovering ME.
My passion and purpose is to do just that, reconnect to your essence, find your true calling, and mission in life. 
“We are more powerful and impactful when we own and stand in our truth’
Fadhwa Yusuf
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